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As per usual the winter temperatures here are unpredictable and somewhat confusing! Recently we had a very warm and rainy 70 degree day in the middle of January! Before that we had one of the longest stretches of below freezing weather that I’ve ever experienced in Raleigh.

Despite the rollercoaster that is the weather, I’ve found myself browsing some of my favorite online stores to see what is coming out for spring. I can’t wear most of it as my baby bump is pretty much at the point of stretching out regular clothes to the point of no return, but a girl can dream can’t she?

I haven’t had as much luck finding cute maternity clothes this time around (maybe it’s just the season?) so I’m looking forward to getting back into my regular clothes come summertime. My boys were both winter babies (December and February) so it’s a whole new ballgame to have a spring baby in May. I’m glad that I won’t have to bundle everyone up just to go outside and I know I will be grateful for the fresh air when that time comes!

Anyway, if you have a spring break planned, or are just eyeballing some new items to add to your wardrobe for when the temperatures warm up, there are lots of great basics available right now. I love a simple crew neck tee for any day of the week, and I found so many cute striped options.

I forgot to include these jeans in the graphic, but they look pretty perfect!

p.s. another really cute stripe top, and a cute swim cover up if you are heading somewhere warm this spring!






4 Easy to Wear Soft Pink Lipsticks


I love playing around with new lipstick colors but my go-to is always a soft, rosy pink. It’s mindless, works with any makeup look, and most of these you can apply with your eyes closed!

It’s no secret that I love the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments, so it equally shouldn’t be surprising that I’m featuring two in my round up here. They are so easy and wear so well.

From top left, clockwise:

One. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose ($22). This is the shade from this line that I’ve worn the longest. It’s very hydrating, feels like a great lip balm, and deposits a nice rich pink color that while still sheer, leaves enough color on the lips to help your makeup to look finished.

Two. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal ($22). A slightly more “baby” pink color than Rose, but equally softening and easy to wear.

Three. Bare Minerals Generation Nude Matte lip color in Famous ($19). This is the most nude of the bunch and feels comfortable despite being a matte longwear option. I love how easy it is to wear color-wise, and it doesn’t suck all the moisture out of my lips either!

Four. #Lipstories lipstick in Oui! ($8). I love how this feels on the lips. It’s a satin finish that feels very hydrating and soft. I have found that it can feather a bit if you don’t pay attention to it when you apply it, but otherwise it’s a win for me.

Do you have a color that you always wear or a tone that you stick to? 





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Ask Kate (random questions from YOU!)


It’s been a long time since I filmed an Ask Kate! That might be because I’m always answering questions over on Instagram, but I wanted to resurrect this video series so I can answer a bunch of questions for anyone not on Instagram!

  1. Have you ever considered microblading? (01:16)
  2. Would you consider trying magnetic eyelashes? (03:23)
  3. How do you find a good hair salon? (04:51)
  4. How do you stop dark lipsticks or glosses from getting onto your teeth? (06:10)
  5. How long does it take you to get ready? (07:13)
  6. How do you organize your makeup? (09:00)
  7. What are you most nervous about with having a third child? (10:31)
  8. Why did you move to Raleigh?  (12:06)
  9. What do you use for stretch marks? (14:22)
  10. Have you tried GrandeLASH? (15:20)
  11. Do you always wear makeup primer? (16:23)

Notes and links from the “ask kate”:

The lipstick I’m wearing is Sephora #Lipstories in Oui! If you are interested in blow dry tips, watch this! And watch this tutorial to get volumized straight hair!

This is an example of magnetic eyelashes. I haven’t tried them, just FYI!

Here is another blogger’s experience with microblading!

Check out my post about my vanity.

I’m using Mama Bee from Burt’s Bee’s for stretch marks!

Check out GrandeLASH here!

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