5 beauty products I always repurchase


These are the winners, the front-runners on my vanity table. I use these more than any other makeup product, and have for the longest amount of time. I certainly use OTHER makeup products, because I change up what I’m using quite frequently.

These five items, though, are always on repeat and as soon as they get low I replace them!

  1. Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer (in shade 1) – I’ve been using this product for years as blemish and under eye concealer. It will not crease, provides really great coverage, and blends really nicely. Typically, I use my fingers to blend the product in, but it also works extremely well with my beauty blender.
  2. Beauty Blender – I was a little late to the beauty blender love, but now that I’ve stuck with it consistently for a few months I’m hooked. When I applying my foundation, I’ll squirt a bit onto the back of my hand, then pick up my damp (but very squeezed out of water) beauty blender, dap the foundation, then dot it onto my face. Generally I use a dabbing motion to press the foundation into my skin. The more moist the blender, the thinner your foundation will apply!
  3. Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation in Soft Blush – I have loved this foundation for what feels like my entire adult life. I was introduced to it years ago by a reader and have had it in my makeup kit ever since. It’s full coverage, looks natural/matte in the finish, and makes my skin feel great. It’s my tried and true foundation that is #1 in my book.
  4. Benefit Roller Lash – I didn’t like this mascara at first, but after seeing Jordan’s lashes looking amazing I decided to give it another try. The second time was the charm and I fell in love. It is not waterproof, but holds the curl as well as a waterproof mascara would. I can’t say enough great things about it. It doesn’t dry out quickly, it’s a dark, inky black, and it dries quick enough to not smear all over the place. If you haven’t tried it, TRY IT.
  5. Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil (in shade 1) – I was loyal to Hourglass Arch brow pencil but after using this product I could see that the lighter shade really worked a bit better for me. It applies easily, stays in place, and I really have to work at it to get it off at the end of the day.




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Last weekend, Justin, the boys + I met my sister and her husband up in Pohick Bay regional park for a little “camping” adventure. We found a cabin on their website and booked it a few months ago, and it worked out perfectly. Now listen, I got a lot of heat from people on Instagram (all light-hearted I’m sure) that it wasn’t CAMPING, and I can understand that. We called it camping for the kids, so that was just what we called it. My sister and I camped, true camping with a tent, communal bathrooms, etc, growing up so we have great memories from those times. When considering that with my 2.5 and almost 4 year old, I decided indoor plumbing, a refrigerator, and temperature control was pretty important for this time of their life. In order for us ALL to enjoy it, the cabin seemed like the best option!

We cooked all our meals outside over the fire, made s’mores and ate campfire pizza, we brought WAY too many snacks, and took a few hikes during the day. My sister and her husband managed to survive on a full futon for sleeping, it was a bit of a struggle, and while Justin and I thought we were winning with the queen “mattress”, it was actually more of a plastic board that offered zero comfort. So, we felt the struggle of camping sleep, despite being in a cabin!

Anyway, we declared it an annual trip and can’t wait to go back! This is where we went, for anyone interested. It’s GREAT for kids. There is mini-golf, easy to hike trails, a large park, and even a waterpark in the summertime.

I live in this grey sweater from fall through spring. I’ve had it for years and it’s SO GOOD.

Sally, from Sally’s Baking Addiction, is releasing a new cookie book! I pre-ordered mine. I have made so many of her recipes and they are life-alteringly delicious! Make the huge oatmeal cream pie this weekend!

This looks like a perfect wrap to throw on to and from the gym. And these are pretty brown boots!

Does this not look like the PERFECT eyeshadow palette?!?!

Great tips for hanging art, the key here being that you don’t hang it too high!

You can’t imagine how tempted I am by this palette.

The difference between dry and dehydrated skin.

I use “doodle” schedule poll ALL THE TIME with my friends (and for work meetings!) and I keep forgetting to mention it to you, until now! It can be so hard to nail down a specific day/time for dinner with friends, or even a playdate, so with Doodle scheduler, you just select a few dates + times, then send it to whoever is invited to the event. They can check which date + times work for them, and you can ultimately choose which day the event will work based on which day had the most participants available on the poll! It’s completely free and really helpful.

For more links & loves, check out here and here! And if you’re looking for the perfect coral lipstick, check out Playful!


Two months into preschool: what is working, and what isn’t


We are a little over two months into preschool for both boys and it is going SO well for both of them. Drop off is very smooth, as long as someone isn’t crying in Luke’s class–that always triggers him to cry as well, and they come home happy and tired.

Both of their teachers have perfect personalities for my boys. David’s teacher is warm, has a quiet voice, but is very clearly in charge and has structure to their day. Luke’s teacher is a bit more expressive and is equally warm and kind. I’m so glad they have these teachers this year.

For the first time, both boys are eating lunch at school this year. It extends their school day by 1 hour, and most of the other kids in their classes do the same thing.

I bought these lunch boxes online when I saw they are on sale, but unfortunately they are already getting difficult to close! I may need to invest in another kind that’ll last longer. I’m not afraid to pay up for a high quality, easy to clean lunchbox since we’ll use it for several years (at least that would be the goal!). Emily Ley recommended these on her instastories a few weeks ago, so maybe these are up next in the queue.

The boys also have to take a snack with them every day to have mid-morning. I was writing their names on ziplock bags until I realized it was a better idea to invest in a washable, reusable kind. I found these on amazon and ordered them immediately. Grove Collaborative also makes reusable bags too!

The last thing I want to mention that has made getting out the door quickly SO EASY for us is storing the kids’ socks downstairs. I actually heard this idea on YHLHAP podcast when they were sharing a few unusual things about their home in a lighthearted segment, and they shared that they keep their kids socks downstairs instead of in their bedroom. They never wear shoes inside, and neither do we, and the kids generally prefer to stay barefoot until the moment we head out the door. So keeping the socks WITH the shoes has made getting them ready to head outside so simple.

I’m curious how many of you also do this? We literally just pile a huge mound of socks that can fit both boys into a basket where the shoes are stored, so no more running upstairs to get a pair of socks.

So those were just a few things that are working, and some changes that probably will happen soon (i.e. the lunch boxes) now that we are deep into this first half of preschool. If you have preschoolers, I’d love it if you could share what is working for you regarding the kids being in school!






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