Top Clothing Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


On Thursday my sister and I met my friend Caroline at Nordstrom to shop the first day of the sale for cardholders. It was fun to shop together, and it’s kind of become a tradition for Caroline and I to shop the sale every year!

Overall, I think the store closest to me didn’t have a super wide variety, but there were a few things I picked up while I was there. The next day my sister and I both did a decent amount of online shopping and we kept finding items online that were really great finds!

Between this year and two years ago, I think two years ago had a better selection. I didn’t really shop much at the last sale because it was right at my sister’s wedding time. I found a few wardrobe staples this year, which is what I wear the most of–neutral, easy to wear, comfortable clothes, so I thought I’d share a few of my top picks below!

From top left: perforated grey booties, lilac t-shirtAG denim, , stripe tee, Next row: drape collar coatPaige denim, hooded cardigan, pink bag, bra, white sneakers, Last row: grey tunic,taupe/grey booties, sunglasses

This past winter I realized I needed some good snow boots for a few trips to NYC that I had scheduled. I bought some Sorel brand ones but they weren’t very comfortable so I returned them. I hope these Sperry ones are comfortable because they look warm and cozy.

The Natori Feathers bra is seriously fantastic. I once heard it described as all the lift without the push and that is totally true. My favorite nursing bra is by Natori, but if you are looking for a regular bra that is comfortable and provides great support, this one is a must try.

This jacket was one of the greatest finds when I was shopping in store. It’s so comfortable, feels like a sweater but has nice structure to it, and is the perfect weight for a North Carolina winter.

I’ve got my eye on this grey hooded cardigan but it keeps selling out in the color I want! It looks perfect for fall.

I already have a pair of white Vince slip on sneakers that I’ve been wearing (and loving) for years, but here is another option that looks cool and comfortable.

I also grabbed these easy slip on’s while I was in store. Caroline and Lauren were RAGGING on me because they sound like a shoe for a grandmother or something. The name is “gentle souls” . . . I tried them anyway and really liked them. And it turns out Caroline even started to consider them for herself once she saw how cute they were.

This is not a part of the sale but I met a sweet blog follower at Nordstrom that was wearing this top and it was so cute I had to buy it for myself!

It’s been a busy and full weekend with my sister in town, in the best of ways! I’ll hop on Instastories when I can to talk through a few of my purchases, AND round up some beauty picks in a post for next week!

Did you shop the sale? What was your favorite find? 

P.S. The sale is available for cardholders until the 19th, then opens to EVERYONE on July 20th! 







3 random things


Justin and I were finding that we wanted another place to sit that wasn’t on the couch so we moved our larger dining room table back into the original formal dining room. Honestly, I could happily live without that room and would rather it be more kitchen, but for now we are just going to use it for it’s original intention. That opened up the living area close to the kitchen, so I’m getting a few chairs to create a slightly more “formal” but still comfortable and easy sitting area for us. This is one finished corner, I’m simply waiting on the other chair and an ottoman to complete the space!

rocking chair, rug, similar artwork, sideboard, similar table

For lunch lately I’ve been making a southwest salad that is so crunchy and flavorful. I pick up two bagged salads from Trader Joes, a southwest one and a mixed greens one and blend them together in a bowl. I top it with some sliced avocado, grilled chicken, and a few tortilla chips. The Green Goddess salad dressing, from Trader Joe’s as well, is so good. The ingredients are written on the front, and I love how simple it is. I shared this recipe on my Instagram stories and a few people mentioned that they use that dressing as a marinade for chicken. I want to try that sometime as I’m sure it’s delicious!

And finally, the Nordstrom sale starts tomorrow!

Every year, especially since I started blogging, I would hear all about this Nordstrom sale. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to pay attention to it and two years ago I went with my friend Caroline to shop in store on the first day of the sale.

The reason why it’s such a big deal is because it’s new arrivals marked down, which almost never happens. So it’s a great time to look for fall or winter items to add to your wardrobe at great prices!

I’ll be sharing some of my picks on the blog + Insta, from beauty to clothing and shoes, and here are some important dates to keep in mind if you are wanting to shop the sale!

If you have a Nordstrom card, you can shop the sale before the general public between July 12-19th. On July 20th, the sale opens to the public so anyone can shop, no need for a card!

Listen, I don’t get any kickback for recommending the card, but if you are on the fence I’d say it’s worth having one because a lot of items sell out quickly.

You can find more details about the sale here, and follow along on instagram to see what I find!

Improvising Date Night


This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. Find a discount code at the bottom of the post!

For date night Justin and I like to do the classic “dinner and a movie”. We usually go to the same few restaurants and can generally agree on which movie we are going to see as well.

With kids, date night takes a bit more effort since we need to hire a sitter, and with a newborn, date night becomes impossible. Well, date night out of the house becomes impossible.

So what Justin and I have been doing over the years is occasionally waiting to eat until after the boys go to bed. We’ll try to sit outside on the deck if the weather is nice, and enjoy the time to talk and focus on each other.

I love to cook but have so little time to invest in it so cooking a new dinner from Blue Apron for date night is a win. I enjoy trying new recipes and spending time in the kitchen, and it’s something that Justin can easily join in on by giving him certain tasks from the recipe card. Everything is delivered in a refrigerated box and is pre-portioned out so there is no food waste.

We’ve taken two cooking classes together and it’s one of my favorite things to do with him!

For this date night we made a summertime inspired vegetable gnocchi. It’s been years since I’ve had gnocchi, and this was only his second time eating it! The end result was delicious and flavorful, and I loved that there were so few dishes to clean up at the end as well!

If you are new to Blue Apron, it’s a meal delivery service that provides you with fresh, seasonal food to make delicious home cooked meals. You can choose between the family plan or 2-person, and also select how many meals are included in a box each week too. It’s easy to skip weeks if you need to, and you also get to select your meals based on the 8 recipes offered each week!

Basically, it’s fun, easy, and not only takes the stress of meal planning and grocery shopping off your list, but it also makes for a great date night at home in my opinion.

If you want to try Blue Apron, use this link to get $50 off your first two weeks! This offer is only available for the first 50 readers so hurry!




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