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the easiest date night outfit

Happy weekend! Any fun plans? I’m writing this up Friday night and am planning on going to the Farmer’s Market with the boys Saturday morning. I’m considering buying a lemon tree to pot outdoors-have you done that before? Any tips?

Did you catch my recent post about the AMAZING sunless tanner I found? I have already ordered a second bottle!!

I listened to a podcast where Charlotte Tillbury was interviewed and I was fascinated to hear her talk about her background and why she started her line! I was nodding along in agreement to so much of what she said. Specifically, she mentioned how you’ll often find a great eyeshadow palette with perfect colors and then like 3 shades that are insane. Like green, blue and red. It’s a waste of 3 perfectly good spots of more flattering colors! I’ve said that a thousand times, and it was funny to hear her say the same thing.

And I’ve always thought her palettes were *perfect*. Anyway, she launched a DRY sheet mask. Yep, totally dry. You just put it on and it’s there. I’m hugely, HUGELY skeptical but I have to remember that I’ve been consistently impressed with what she’s putting out into the beauty world so it has to be good, right? Have you tried it?

My sister recently experiences the joy of the Splendid thermal wrap cardigan and I was reminded to share the glory with you. I have one in grey and one in black and they are *perfection*.

A great mascara tip!

Clothing Care + the big seasonal switch out


I’m a messy person by nature. It takes a lot of intentional thought to avoid creating small piles of things all around my house. My bathroom is always a mess of hair products and tools, mixed in with my sons’ toy cars as evidence that I was trying to keep them occupied for 30 seconds so I could brush my teeth.

My closet, if I may say so myself, isn’t in terrible shape at the moment, but my wardrobe drawers are a bit of a nightmare.

I never took out my summer clothes from last year, and simply piled all my winter tops and sweaters right on top of them, so it’s been a bit chaotic to find a simple v-neck tee amongst the piles of shirts.

This spring, though, I decided to be a responsible grown up person and remove all my sweaters and winter clothes from my drawers since I likely won’t need them again until November. Not only does that make getting dressed a little easier, but it also reminds me of tops that I love that have since been buried in the mess!

I’m excited to be working with Persil on this project because it’s a new favorite detergent of mine. If this is a new brand to you, don’t be concerned that it’s difficult to find–you can pick it up at Walmart! The smell is amazing, and I’ve been so pleased with how clean and fresh my clothes are after they are washed with it. I almost always wash my clothes (even my whites!) in cool or cold water, and Persil is formulated to deliver it’s 10 dimensions of clean even in cold water. You don’t HAVE to use cold water, but if you do you can be sure your clothes will come out clean.

I knew I would be doing wash on the day that I embarked this project because I tend to wear tops a few times before I throw them in the laundry, in the same way that a lot of people wear their jeans a several times before being washed as well. Before I was going to put anything in storage for the summer, I wanted to be sure it was clean!

I like to spread this chore out to really see what I’m working with, so the first thing I do is take everything out of the drawers. Next I’ll sort through winter and summer tops, then I organize into a few different piles. Those piles are usually “donate”, “needs to be washed”,  “put in storage”,  “put back in drawer”.

After I have everything sorted, and before I start filling my drawers back up with the summer clothes, I’ll start a load of laundry. Did you know I usually do a load of laundry every day? I don’t believe in saving everything for 1 day, so I space it out during the first half of the week. My goal, every week, is to be finished with laundry by Thursday so I can enjoy the weekend without it. So my laundry schedule usually looks like whites on Monday, kids clothes on Tuesday and darks on Wednesday. “Special care” clothes get washed amongst that schedule and then usually hang to dry in my laundry room until I toss the wrinkles out of them!

The putting back of the summer clothes always required some sorting. I usually have a drawer dedicated to tank tops, t-shirts, nicer/dressier cotton shirts, loungewear or athleisure shirts, and then any long sleeve tops I want to hang onto for trips to the movie theater, where it’s always freezing.

Then I’ll fill up my clear storage box with all my winter sweaters, and bring it up to the attic. Pro tip: always use clear storage boxes so you can see what is inside of them!

Finally, I fill up a garage bag with any clothes that I’m taking to consignment or donating, and bring that immediately downstairs. If it sits in my bedroom for more than one day, I’ll forget about it. So the simple act of taking it down and sometimes even putting it into my car, means I’m 90% more likely to make it to the donation center that same week!

I’d strongly recommend doing this if you haven’t already! It can be a relatively quick project, as long as you are prepared and know what the end goal is. Knowing that next fall, when I go to do the great seasonal switch out again, I’ll have freshly cleaned clothes, makes the task seem much less daunting for the future.

Here is a $2.00 off coupon to use on Persil!

This post was sponsored by Persil, a brand that I’ve really come to love and enjoy! As always, all opinions are my own.

Cute Shorts


from top left, clockwise: denim(similar), black + white stripe(similar), black, green scallop

First things first, let’s address the cat hair on my black shorts. I see it, it’s a white cat problem, and it’s the reason I have a lint roller in just about every single room in the house.

Somehow I managed to NOT see the sheer volume of it when I shot this and now it’s too late. I’ve moved on with my life and must live with my cat hair covered shorts photo until the end of time.

Perhaps the cutest shorts in history right next to those cat hair ones will distract your eye?

We have about 1 more week of tolerable weather before it gets into the HIGH 80’s until what seems like forever, so my days of wearing pants are coming quickly to a halt!

As much as I want to be a dress girl, when I’m hanging with my boys I always find myself gravitating towards shorts. It’s easier and makes more sense since we are always active when we’re together and I don’t want to let what I’m wearing get in the way of playing.

I found a bunch of cute shorts to check out if you are a shorts fanatic like me. I have a few of these, and with the new front tuck style option I feel a lot more confident about wearing slightly dressier shorts and not feeling like my top is covering them up.

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

p.s. These are cute for a black and white stripe option!


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