Dutch Braid Messy Bun Hair Tutorial


I was out to dinner with some girlfriends a few weeks ago and I arrived a few minutes late. I slid into the booth and jumped right in to the conversation. Then, upon leaving, my friend Ashley said, “OH I didn’t even notice your hair was braided in the back!” so I joked about it being a surprise braid hairstyle.

What I like the most about this is it is the easiest way to style your hair when you either don’t feel like styling it OR it’s too dirty to wear down. The braid keeps it interesting, and the messy bun means it’s casual and undone.

If you would like to learn how to dutch braid, watch this! And here is a tutorial for tips on how to stretch out your braids a bit!

I’m wearing this top, these earrings, and this lipstick in “too bad I’m bad”.

p.s. this stripe tank would look so cute under a cardigan, and how cute are these pink mules?

Homemade Pasta


Earlier this summer, I finally FINALLY took a stab at making homemade pasta.

And let me tell you, it was so much fun. I love doing new things like that in the kitchen, and since my first attempt I’ve made pasta a few more times. I’m actually hoping to have a “make it yourself” pasta night with some girlfriends in the near future because the whole process was so much fun.

The recipe for pasta is very basic. I used Semolina flour because I read in a few different recipes that it will help the pasta have a bit of stretch and not be as dry, and I had great success with it!

So, I’ll share the recipe first and then walk you through each step of the process.

I used these attachments for my KitchenAid mixer and they worked perfectly!

Simple Fresh Pasta with Semolina Recipe (serves 3-4)

1 cup all-purpose flour

1 cup semolina flour

a pinch of salt

3 eggs

1 tablespoon olive oil

  1. Sift together both flours and salt.
  2. Pour onto counter and create a well in center of pile.
  3. Crack 2 eggs into the well, and add olive oil next.
  4. With a fork, break up eggs and slowly move the fork in a circular motion to incorporate flour into the center, slowly working your way out.
  5. Once most the of the ingredients have been combined, knead together for 3-5 minutes. The longer you knead, the smoother the end result will be.
  6. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and let it rest for 30 minutes at room temperature.
  7. Using a pasta machine, create long flat panels of the dough, then either cut into strips by hand, or use a pasta roller to cut into pasta!
  8. Add to boiling water that has been heavily salted and boil until al dente, the timing will depend on the pasta thickness. It will be anywhere from 2-10 minutes.
  9. Enjoy!


Do make sure your well is large enough so the eggs don’t spill out!



I simply tear off smaller amounts of dough to work through the machine to great long, flat sheets. The goal is for them to have even and smooth sides!




There are, of course, so many different recipes that include pasta to experiment with. I love plain pasta with a bit of butter, salt, and fresh grated parmesan, and if you haven’t tried that yet you are missing out my friend.

Have you tried making homemade pasta? If you try it, you must let me know how it turns out! And if you are serving a larger crowd, simply double the recipe.

Also, you should try out my homemade latte recipe and this fruit salsa recipe!







Do you use Vitamin C serum?


Vitamin C serum is one of those products that I knew I should be using years ago but I never started. I think it fell into the category of “I’m not sure I’ll actually see a difference using it” so I never bothered.

After my facial in August, my esthetician recommended a serum that had vitamin c along with a few other ingredients in it and I really liked it. The smell was slightly off putting, but in general I felt like it hydrated my skin and made it feel a bit tighter and firmer.

Shortly thereafter, I received a mailing from Ole Henricksen and in it was the Truth Serum, which is a serum packed with Vitamin C and collagen for brightening and hydration. I decided to give it a try for about a week, in place of the other serum I was using, to compare the two.

Almost immediately I noticed a huge change in the moisture level of my skin. And within about 2 weeks my skin started looking more firm, younger, and the tone was more evened out. It’s rare that I see results from a skincare product this fast and I was amazed.

So now, about 3 weeks into daily (morning) use, I can’t imagine not using this serum. It’s been a game changer for my skin. By the end of summer I was dealing with some dryness and extreme irritation around my nose, and that is almost completely gone. The serum sinks in deep and I can almost feel it working! I know that may sound dramatic but it has truly made a huge difference for me!

The Truth Serum comes at a high price tag, but I’m wondering if you have one that you love that may cost a bit less? I seriously love this one, but would love to also find one at a lower price point.

More recent beauty favorites here!






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